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Feasibility Study for Build a Cancer Hospital In Mozambique

Genius Investment Group (hereinafter called ‘The Client’) are the leading investment firm based out of Mozambique and are intending the start a modern hospital having all specialty services under one roof. Over the years since its inception, this Mozambique Holding Company is having a strong background of providing services to many leading hospitals of country. The group is also inclined to extend it’s services to prestigious Public-Private Partnership healthcare projects, with the aim to strengthen the healthcare service delivery of the nation, & enhance the reach to provide quality healthcare to cover wider population.

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Maputo, Mozambique


One such prestigious project is to establish a referral hospital of around 250-300 bed size. An earmarked area of approximately 10 hectares located in the very heart of the city, and well connected by road is chosen to establish this state of the art hospital. Before venturing in to this prestigious project further, the client is inclined to assess the Technical Feasibility and Financial Viability of the project, to ascertain its self sustenance in the longer run. The total cost of the Fusibility Study is USD 36.000 . We will be very grateful for your help that will benefit millions of needy people.

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