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Set-up a Bakery in Ethiopia

Set-up a Bakery in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia, Libya

I plan to start a bakery that can provide cheap bread in Ethiopia. The cost of wheat flour is 850 birr per quintal (about 30 $), that means a loaf of fresh white bread that weighs 160g can be sold for 0.1 $ / 10 ¢… or less (depending on the cost of wheat flour and production).

I bake bread and croissant. My recipe can use weak flour to produce a good quality bread. It is very simple slow-raise bread using a sponge-dough method, only 60% water + 2% salt and 0.35% instant yeast.

To calculate the exact cost to start a bakery in Ethiopia, I need to travel to Addis Ababa.. So I need about 4000 $ to cover my travel costs and a two-months stay in a hotel there (I can take care of the rest) . Once in Addis Ababa, I will be able do a research and calculate the exact amount of money needed to build/set-up a bakery.

Once the exact money needed is calculated. I will seek your help again/be able to start a fundraising for building/setting up a bakery. Only a bakery built from scratch by donations can provide a cheap loaf as I won`t care about the startup costs. Only labor, rental and the items/material costs.

You can make my goal become a reality to help the people whom rely on bread as part of their staple diet …But still suffering from the increased prices.


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