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Common Fundraising Questions

Got any questions?, well here are the answers to your questions

Everything you need know to get started

GoFundAfrica is a crowdfunding website that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to projects and more. We have the tools to help you raise more money online.

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Simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible – that’s normally under 2 hrs.

Email us on our contact us page. We are also available on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates

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Anyone, anywhere who needs to raise money online (as long as its legal of course). We accept fundraiser from every law abiding country than ever, simply translated that campaigns can be created in every developed country and developing countries.

GoFundAfrica provides you with easy to use tools to create a fundraiser and get help from the online community IE friends relative or even complete strangers. Use the builtin tools to share you fundraiser to bring in more and more donations.

Campaign Updates is one way of keeping your donors and followers updated about your campaign progress. Keeping your audience updated/informed is very important as it build confidence and trust among your followers and donor and it may drive more support for your campaign.

To post an update login to your dashboard and got to the fundraiser you want to post an update and click on UPDATE.

GoFundAfrica is a “Keep All You Raise” crowdfunding website. Meaning if you don’t reach you fundraising goal you don’t have to worry. You still get keep all the funds you managed to raise.

Let’s break it down, if your fundraising campaign target was 250$ but at the end of the campaign you manage to raise 150$. No worries you will still be able to keep the 150$ (minus platform fees)

People come to GoFundAfrica to raise money for things that matter in their live like medical Expenses, Education, Celebrations, charity, innovative business ideas, etc.

However  we have seen people creating campaign for just about anything from graduation celebration to participating in a community fundraising marathon. Your will be surprised how people from all walks of life use the GoFundAfrica website.

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GoFundAfrica(GFA) deploys the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Your donors’ online payments are safe, and your money is stored securely until you’re ready to request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer.

For the record, There are no fees to start a fundraiser on GoFundAfrica, Its completely free and you can start your fundraiser anytime any where.

We charge a small 5% on funds raised as platform fee plus a small payment processing fee. All fees are automatically deducted when you receive a donation so rest assured that you will not receive a bills from GoFundAfrica.

For more detail on fees and pricing go here

To edit you campaign after its been published or live, You will have to  login into your GFA Account first and click on +my campaign in your user menu. You will see your fundraisers with an ‘edit’ link besides it. Select the one you want to edit and click on EDIT, you will be redirected to a page similar the one you used to create your campaign. After making all your edits, verify the recapture challenge, accept the terms and conditions and finally click on “submit Campaign”  and your changes will be live.