Free Fundraising Tips and Ideas

Make Your  Campaign unique with unique fundraising ideas. Here’s your guide to proven ideas that breaks down how to grab the attention of donors, inspire donations, and boost social shares in your community.


First Things First

Create Your Campaign

Add your fundraising goal, photos, videos, and a detailed fundraiser story.

Boost By Sharing

Utilize our built in tools to share your campaign with friends and family on Faceboo, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pintirest and Email. Also ask your friends to spread the word.

Keep Your Donors Updated

Keep your donors updated by writing updates and thank you notes to your donors

Fundraising Ideas and Tips

This is your chance to tell a unique story. Make it stand out by choosing a memorable and descriptive name, add high-quality photos and offer a heartfelt description of your financial needs.

They say a picture  speaks thousand words, and yes pictures  can make or break your fundraiser. Adding good quality picture  pictures to your fundraiser page is one of the best ways to a successful fundraiser 

Build a strong fundraising community to drive traffic to your fundraiser. utilise our campaign sharing tools available to you on your fundraiser page.

The more people get to know about you fundraiser the better chances you have hitting your target. Don’t be shy to ask people to donate to your cause and when you ask be courteous enough, don’t just think about your self but also the person .The best way to receive a positive response is to appeal to each potential donor’s individual interests. If you know someone who would respond better to a warm, lighthearted email, keep your wording informal and bright. For a colleague who may respond better to a formal approach, deliver your message accordingly.

Getting your campaign to appear or even  featured in the local news is one sure way to get your story out into the world. And, it isn’t as hard as you might think.

Make good use of the social media tag all the potential friends/ donor and asking the too to spread the word about your fundraiser as the word keeps spreading along the way you will get a potential donor.

Don’t be shy, post updates multiple times a week you can look up the internet for free tools to help you time or schedule them. Remind friends that you’re committed to reaching your goal. Provide updates about your beneficiaries’ journey, including both progress and setbacks.

Now that you know How to run a successful Fundraiser